Who We Are


Alan Da Costa

A life long student of software, enamored by problem solving, building great things, and discovering friends on the way.

Alan enjoys scaling teams, methods, and code in pragmatic ways. He's on the lookout for process improvement, measurements, and well defined expectations through frequent and clear communication.

Alan has both been a startup founder and a seasoned developer in large companies. He has architected and built new software as well as maintained aging infrastructure with teams of one developer to several hundreds.

Given the opportunity, Alan enjoys exploring new languages and frameworks. He prefers development in an Agile/Scrum team environment with BDD. He has over a decade of experience.


Rudy Wiley

A dedicated, results driven software engineer with a proven record of success in Agile software development.

Rudy has more than thirteen years of experience in enterprise information technology, including seven years of full-time software development. He has served as lead on a number of products and features and occasionally as Scrum Master during Agile development processes.


Eric di Domenico

A passionate software craftsman, entrepreneur and mentor.

Eric offer hands on experience in complex object oriented software design and implementation, refactoring, software architecture and Agile team leadership. He is a Test Driven Development practitioner interested in writing Clean Code. He is accustomed and comfortable with both new and legacy systems.

Eric has lead and participated in many successful full software development life cycles, delivering large-scale web, traditional client-server, distributed software solutions as well as mobile applications.

Eric has strong technical aptitude with excellent organizational, communication and team leadership, mentoring and training skills. He is a highly motivated, results oriented team player with more than a decade of software engineering expertise.


Adam Wróbel

An open source contributing octopus of awesomeness with an eye for detail.

Adam contributes to open source projects whenever possible.

He specializes in web development but enjoys writing compiled client code from time to time. He has built web apps, desktop apps, and clustered network daemons.

Adam has worked in corporate software, medical environments, customer facing applications, and large scale machine learning data collection. He has been building professional software since 2008.


Kevin English

A detail-oriented developer focused on communication, code quality, and hiking.

Hiking? Yes. Kevin organizes local development community hikes.

Kevin favors Ruby on Rails with Backbone.js and Marionette. He enjoys working on small teams with clear business objectives.

Kevin has over ten years of experience building software for healthcare, travel, gaming, and other industries.

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