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[ What We Do ]

We integrate a team of our experienced developers with your existing development or business team to build new or maintain existing Ruby language based products.

Our typical stack also includes Ruby on Rails, Linux based systems, cloud services, databases, key/value stores, JavaScript with frameworks, and CSS.

[ How We Do It ]

We analyze your team experience, organizational structure, existing workflows, product requirements, and goals.

We plan a sofware development process for efficient, sustainable development while matching a team for your scale as a tailored fit.

We like Agile + Scrum with BDD and CI, but we only use what works for you.

We understand on-site meetings are occasionally needed and we'll be there when you need us.

[ Why Partner? ]

  • Focus your time on your business instead of software team management.
  • Make the process of creating great things repeatable and fun.
  • Improve the quality of your software with proven developers.

[ About ]

We're an insured California Corporation backed by individuals with years of industry experience. Our clients will tell you we're passionate about problem solving and software development.

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